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Introducing Our New Level 1 Workbook

We’re back with good news. Workbook 1 of our creative writing course is done and ready to ship. We’re excited about what all this book has to offer. A few of the new changes include a dozen completely new lessons and examples. We’ve changed up questions and assignments to make them more understandable, doable, and interesting. We’ve added a lot of new artwork to the book.

Andrew’s favorite new feature is the addition of Clive. He is a stick figure character who pops up here and there throughout the book, stimulating the imagination, and helping to create a way for you to interact with us. “Clive” will be reviewing and selecting student-submitted pieces for a new page on our website. Look for an email from us with details on how it will work when we get the page for Clive up and running.

Jennifer’s favorite addition is the new series of lessons (lesson 60-62) focusing on writing fiction. Writing realistic fiction can be tough so we tried to make the steps small and manageable. We added unique opportunities in this series such as drawing your own island map and mapping out a plot line.

We envision a child sprawled out on the living room floor doing a free writing session or giggling quietly while he makes a list of what could be found in his mom’s kitchen-something well-worn or under the sink. We can see a group of scholars reading off their paragraphs explaining how to trim a cat or a recipe for an exciting road trip. We notice a young man engrossed in the story excerpt about Tom Sawyer pouring his medicine down the cat’s throat. We see lists of compliments to family members or classmates written on pretty papers and pinned to a bulletin board. (Example: Hugo-you’re the niftiest artist, especially at drawing portraits) We can even overlook an eruption of giggles coming from two friends trying to come up with an onomatopoeic word for the sound of a tree frog. 😊 We love the idea of students interacting with ideas and then turning them into written works.

Our books are full of intrigue. I think we do a good job of introducing bite sized assignments and beginner tools to all students, no matter their mastery level. In high school, your student will have to dig deeper into concepts of sense language, showing vs telling, and figurative language. Our books give an excellent introduction to all these things, making that high school work easier. Whether we’re writing strong nouns or verbs, avoiding passive voice, and forming paragraphs, we keep things light and doable. Writing is work, but it’s good work and worth doing right. Our books give your student exactly what he needs to enjoy the process. We want all students to have a good experience with writing classes. We encourage parents and teachers to creatively teach and introduce concepts, writing alongside their children.

Our new cover is a delightful mix of classic and imaginary worlds. The image of the pencil airplane depicts our words taking flight and traveling the world. The cover is laminated and holds up well to hard use. The book has easy binding and thick paper that withstands erasers and spilled grape juice. We love that our book is a workbook style and can be a keepsake for years down the road.

Please find our books for sale on our website for $19.75 each. Our books can also be purchased from Christian Light. If you want the old version of level 1, you will need to purchase from them while their supplies last. We love the new edition of the level 1 book and are confident the switch is worthwhile for you. As always, if you are ordering at least four books, don't forget to enter the code "classorder" for a 10% discount. We add a personal handwritten note to your order and love getting feedback from you.

Jennifer & Andrew Yoder

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I used your Creative Writing for my son this year and I'm anxious for when my 7 year old daughter is old enough to do it too. Thank you!!! Jolynne Weaver

Creative Word Studio
Creative Word Studio

Thanks! We are happy to hear that it worked well for you.

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