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Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2

Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2 is a fun, intermediate-level creative writing course from a Christian perspective for students in 7th - 9th grades. This is a spiral bound workbook with 75 lessons. It is designed to help students get past writers block through creative thinking and regular practice. Your students will practice free writing, do mini writing exersizes, and learn from professional authors. They will also be introduced to some elements for revising their pieces.

Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2

SKU: 0004
  • A class order is an order that includes a book for each student in a class. We give class orders a 10% discount. Enter the code "classorder" when checking out. The minimum number of books for class orders is four. This book is copyrighted 2019 by Jennifer Yoder. We have done our due dilligence to obtain permissions for the material in this book that is copyrighted by others. Therefore, we do not allow you to make photocopys of any material in this book.

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