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Life Changes and New Materials

Hello friends,

We are excited to be back to our big project at hand. Let us give you a life update from behind the scenes of Creative Word Studio. Last May, we signed off from our blog in hopes to be back this fall. While our intentions were good, the realities of life showed us that circumstances tend to trump. Since then, our lives have pivoted majorly. We moved back to Holmes County, Ohio five weeks after we added our third child to our family. Neither of us are involved in a classroom currently, but instead immersed in the demands of raising a family, Andrew’s new job in business accounting, and helping Andrew's father with various responsibilities. Much of these changes have to do with Andrew’s mother passing away last winter.

Our goal the last while is to find momentary rest. We've been looking at our issue of overcommitting and how we cannot do all things well. Our desire is to serve our local community and the Christian education community at large. We took some time to organize priorities. We wanted to keep plowing on delivering a monthly blog post and creating free downloads. However, we decided not to force mediocre content out there in the name of doing it all. With that in mind, we decided to drop our monthly blog post. We've also removed our card and stationary bundles from the product page. But the good news is coming.

This is an effort to focus all our energy on revising Book 1 and moving forward on its Teacher’s Guide. We don’t have a lot of margin in our lives, but we hope to have those materials ready for the next school term. We would like to occasionally take you behind the scenes on the project. This means sneak peaks into new details and getting some feedback from you on what you would like to see. Pre-release discounts will also be coming your way. Watch for forth coming emails on that exciting project.

We thank you for your purchases. We appreciate them! Our older blogs still offer valuable ideas and resources and we encourage you to recommend them to friends. You can find our books here on the website or at Christian Light, Gospel Publishers, and more recently, at Faith View Books in Mt. Hope, OH.

We'd love to hear from you. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Andrew and Jennifer Yoder

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