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Hi! I'm Clive. Here is how my program works.


Apr 24, 2023

Hi! I'm so glad you took the time to see what I'm up to. I love writing books but I love it even more to see others pick up pencils and start their own stories. Find out how to get one of my books for free!

I've written a number of Christian books and you may have read some of them. I never used my first name, Clive, on any of my books. Only the intial. So here is the first catch for you to get one of my books for free. You need to figure out who I am and name a character from one of my books.

The second part might take a little work and creative juice. If I'm creating things for you to read than I'd like to read things you have created. Send me a polished up copy of your work from one of the lessons in you Sparkling Bits Workbook. I will review your piece along with all the rest that get sent to me. Each season (fall, winter, spring) I will select a winning piece. I will then send one of my books to the author of that amazing piece and post it on my page. Pieces of honorable mention may also get posted on my page and I'll send the authors some helpful notes on how to make their pieces really great. If your piece was not selected I will automatically enter it in for another try the next season.

Your piece can be a story, poem, article, list, or any other piece coming from the lessons in the Sparkling Bits Workbooks. Since I love good writing, I'll be looking for originality, creativety and good word choices. Stay away from weak verbs and general nouns. And of course, if you show instead of tell, you will be well on your way to great writing.

Here are a couple rules for submitting your piece. First it must be your own writing, although you may get some input from others if you would like. Get permission from your parents to submit the piece and include a statement from them saying they are granting you permision to send me your piece. Also include a statement saying you are giving us permission to publish it on this website. Send your piece with those permissions by email to . Include your first name and grade.

I'm excited to see your work,


PS. As you probably already know, I'm really just a mascott for Creative Word Studio. But there really is a Christian author I'm named after and Andrew and Jen will really send out a free book by that author each season in the school year to someone who submits a great original piece of writing.

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